Terms and Conditions


This user agreement and privacy policy governs the mobile site, website application and or service regardless of how distributed transmitted published or broadcasted provided by Leadwallet Holdings Inc. (Leadwallet) “We” “us” or “our” that links to this user agreement and privacy policy which is binding on all to those who access use visit or associated with the service weather acting as an individual or on behalf of the company or entity including you and all persons entities or digital engines of any kind that harvest crawl, index, scrape, spider or mine digital content by an automated or a manual process or otherwise collectively you will read this user agreement and privacy policy carefully. You can access this user agreement and privacy policy anytime in the footer of our homepage or initial screen. Your access or use of the service including but without limitation to any registration, sign up any aspect of the Leadwallet service will constitute your agreement to this user agreement and privacy policy. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this user agreement and our privacy policy, you may not access visit or use our service. From time to time the user agreement and privacy policy may be modified if you breach violate or act inconsistently with the rules and restrictions that we have sent out but not limited to our terms and conditions whether listed in this user agreement and privacy policy posted at various points in the service or otherwise communicated to users of the service ( collectively the agreement) we may terminate, discontinue, suspend, cancel or restrict your account profile, your ability to access visit add or use the service or any portion of the service including without limitation any of our obligations hereunder with or without notice in addition to our other remedies. In addition, we may restrict or refuse to provide you with any further access or use our service. We reserve the right in addition to other remedies to take any legal and or other action that we deemed necessary or appropriate with or without notice to prevent violations and enforce the agreement amongst other things our agreement governs all content material information available through the service whether it posted uploaded transmitted or made otherwise available by us our vendors our licensors and or our service providers.

Registration / Account Creation:

We may at times require that you register an Account profile to visit or access our service. To access our service, you will require a password and or a user ID. You will also need to provide Credit card debit card or ETF information or other payment information as well as your name, telephone number, email address and other personal identifiers final information. Other information such as your gender, your mobile phone number may also be requested. In addition, you may be asked to send us similar information using messaging, email, SMS, MMS or other technologies. All such information will be referred to in the agreement as your registration information. We may use share your registration information as described in our privacy policy.

You agree and guarantee that all registration information provided to Leadwallet is true accurate complete and up-to-date. You also agree that this information is solely yours. If any registration information changes you must update promptly by using the tool on our website which allows for the change and update of registration information. We have no liability association with or arising from your failure to maintain accurate complete or up-to-date registration information whether this is for your business or for your personal self.

We reserve the right at any time to repossess or change any password and or user ID that is been provided to you. 

You will be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your registration information. You may not authorize or prevent anyone else to use your registration information for access to our web or mobile platform. 

You will be solely responsible for all access usage activity and anything relating to your account profile including but not limited to the use of the account profile by any person who uses your registration information with or without authorization or who has access to your mobile device for computer or any other Device. To access Leadwallet, you agree that we may process all transactions including without limitation purchases payments or other services including without limitation content that is initiated by use of your registration information with Leadwallet system

If you have any reason to believe that your account profile is no longer secure you must immediately change the effective registration information by using the function on our web or mobile device or emailing our customer support service.

General Terms

Scope and Purpose:

Leadwallet system is an online referral-based program. Our system will allow the transaction of referrals given to individuals and companies that referred businesses to other users of the platform. By participating with the Leadwallet system, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and they may be amended and or changed on the applicable Leadwallet website from time to time, breach of these terms and conditions may result in the temporary suspension or permanent suspension of your access to Leadwallet.

Customer qualifications:

Leadwallet users must have proper licenses, permits and government approvals to become a registered Leadwallet seller. Leadwallet is intended for specific individuals (explained in more detail on our website under frequently asked questions) to become a seller.  As a registered buyer the company will need to be a specific registered Ontario Business ( explained in more detail on our website under frequently asked questions). However, these rules are solely governed by Leadwallet management team and can be changed from time to time with no notice.


Leadwallet reserves the right to restrict customer’s access to Leadwallet System and to withhold fees from customers that have not completed Leadwallet companies’ complete registration package. The seller and the buyer will be issued unique usernames and password to access Leadwallet system . You are liable and responsible for all actions, omissions and any failure to act of your Authorized Users. You represent that all information that you provide to Leadwallet is accurate and complete and you will notify us in writing of any changes to the information provided. You hereby authorized Leadwallet to share the information you provided to us including without limitation financial information. You agree not to give anyone access to Leadwallet system to anyone other than yourself the authorized as a registered user. Every buyer and seller associated with and using Leadwallet platform must complete and fill out a proper registration form in order to become accepted. This registration form will include the buyers and sellers’ company as well as but not limited to banking details and credit card information. For applicants to be fully verified and accepted upon the Leadwallet system this could take between five and seven business days.


You agree that all information and records, whether oral, written, visual, electronic, digital or tangible transmitted, uploaded, received or stored on Leadwallet system or using the systems, equipment, computers, servers, or premises of Leadwallet is the property of Leadwallet. You represent and warrant that you own all right, title and interest in data which you upload to the Leadwallet system and you assign to Leadwallet all such right, title and interest including, without limitation, all related copyright, moral right and other intellectual property rights. You agree that such intellectual property rights include our right to receive, use, disseminate, control access to, aggregate, modify, package, derive benefit from, remove, destroy or sell data in whole or in part. Notwithstanding the foregoing, data that contains personally identifiable information will only be used and disclosed in accordance with Leadwallet Privacy Policy. 


You acknowledge and agree that the Leadwallet system, related services, data and web information (as defined below), including all copyright and rights to patent, industrial design and trademark protection, trade secrets and all other intellectual property rights (collectively, the “The Leadwallet IP” are owned by Leadwallet or its licensors and are protected by Canadian and international intellectual property laws and treaties. Subject to the limited rights of access expressly granted hereunder, Leadwallet reserves all rights, title and interest in and to the Leadwallet IP. No rights are granted to you other than the limited rights expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions. 

Sharing of Username/Password:

Sharing or lending of usernames or passwords is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the usernames and passwords issued to you and your authorized users. You will be liable and responsible for all actions, omissions, failures to act, and transactions conducted with the username and password issued to you or any of your authorized users. You will immediately notify us in writing of any unauthorized use of a username and password. 

Electronic Signatures:

You will permit Leadwallet to capture your signature in electronic or digital form. You hereby authorize Leadwallet and the Leadwallet Partners to apply your electronic signature to documents necessary to your use of Leadwallet services. You agree that your electronic signature is intended to authenticate the document to which it is applied and shall have the same force and effect as a manual signature. 

The Leadwallet’s Role:

Our role is to provide assistance with the transaction of referral fees between registered buyers and sellers. Leadwallet will guarantee the payment to the end user provided that the seller has completed his/her end of the transaction with its obligations under the terms and conditions. Leadwallet will provide the referral fee into the seller’s bank account after and only after the transaction has been completely confirmed and committed on the end of the buyer. Leadwallet holds no responsibility if the buyer does not complete the transaction on his/her end. On these situations a claim will be filled under arbitration and the regular course of action as described under arbitration will take place. From the moment that the seller/buyer or any other user receives a referral fee and wishes to cash out on this fee there will be a minimum of a seven-business day hold until the transaction is complete.


In consideration of access to Leadwallet System, you agree to any referral fee/fees and charges associated with this service. Leadwallet will take a 10% fee on all transactions associated with any “transaction”. This fee will be automatically withdrawn from the portion of the referral fee intended for the payee. After a specific referral has been accepted and executed through the mobile or web application the transaction is binding. Leadwallet company will have the authorization to automatically withdraw the specific amount from the payers/buyer’s bank account. Every payment or referral that is made through the software will be subject to a 10% fee. 

Buyer Obligation:

It is the obligation of the purchaser or anyone who is acting all as the “seller” to execute their end of the deal with full transparency and integrity. Once a service or a transaction has been completed on the end of the purchaser that is completed for a “customer” , The seller then has an obligation to complete the transaction in a timely manner. The seller also has an obligation to act with integrity and honesty in terms of transparency of the referred customer. If the seller does not act under the specific guidelines governed by Leadwallet companies’ guidelines, Leadwallet company has the right and authorization to act accordingly based on arbitration guidelines. For greater clarification please visit the websites frequently asked questions.

Seller Obligation:

It is the obligation of the seller to always fill out the information field properly with the customers information. The receiving end or the purchaser will need to know the full name of the customer as well as the expected arrival date. It is the obligation of the seller to manage and follow up with the customer to make sure that the customer interacts the buyer or the purchasing party within a timely fashion. A grace period of 30 days after the estimated time of arrival will be honoured until the contract expires. The greater clarification, on the condition that the seller has calculated the customer to arrive within seven business days however he/she arrives in excess of 30 days the referral/leadwallet contract is not valid. If this situation occurs it is the responsibility of the seller to read fill out and send in another “leadwallet” request for the same customer in order to re-establish this contract. It is the responsibility of the seller to only send qualified referrals to the participating partners, the act of sending multiple referrals to multiple buyers will not be tolerated or excepted and will be basis for having that person’s membership revoked. If a referral/leadwalletextension is created for a customer that was late to show up, it is the obligation of the buyer to accept the transaction on the condition that it was accepted before. For greater clarification please visit the websites frequently asked questions. 

Sale Process:

The seller will send over the information of the customer as well as an estimated timeline for arrival. Once the customer has fully completed and paid for the transaction at the buyer’s place of business it is at that time that the seller will be compensated. The compensation will happen after the buyer has clicked on the “complete/send/accept” tab on the application. Once the referral has been sent the total funds less the 10% fee will be directly deposited into the sellers bank account or onto the seller’s credit card. For greater clarification please visit the websites frequently asked questions.

Refund Policy:

Deposits made on the Website will appear on your statement as Leadwallet. All payments are final. No refunds will be issued. In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of the person submitting an entry, the entry will be deemed submitted by the person in whose name the Account was registered.

Cancel Policy:

You may elect to cancel your request for referral at any time prior to such Third Party Provider’s arrival, in which case you may be charged a cancellation fee. If the referral services are cancelled for any reason not attributed to you in accordance with Leadwallet or its affiliate’s cancellation policies, you may be entitled to a refund for any charges paid.

If you purchase items or items and services from a Third Party Provider, you may cancel your order at any time up until the Third Party Provider has begun preparing your items. Once the preparation has begun, you will no longer be able to cancel your order without incurring a charge, which will be no more than the full price for your ordered items. If you cancel your order after the delivery has begun, you will also be charged the full price for the services purchased from the Third Party Provider.

If you require a correction to be made to any Third Party Charge you incurred, you must notify Leadwallet in writing within 30 days after the Third Party Charge was invoiced after which Leadwallet will have no further responsibility and you waive your right to later dispute the amounts charged.


As a member/buyer/seller on Leadwallet platform the same rules and code of ethics will apply as they do being a registered car sales person within their specific jurisdiction. All sellers and buyers must act with honesty and integrity, any noncompliance will not be tolerated and will and can result in the suspension of one’s account. Leadwallet company will have the final say and all rights reserved in terms of deciding who can and cannot be a part of the Leadwallet program. Even if a buyer/seller/team member is a qualified registered applicant Leadwallet company will have all rights reserved to accept or decline registration as well as to terminate an account.

Arbitration policy / Policy Enforcement:

If a referral is sent from a seller and executed with the customer by the buyer, the buyer has an obligation to complete the transaction online through the application or the web service. On the condition that a buyer completes a transaction with a referred documented referral and does not compensate the seller by executing their end of the digital transaction, this will result in a direct breach of contract and the can result in the funds being directly withdrawn out of the buyers account after an arbitration process. With situations such as this the arbitration process will first be implemented in which if the seller is able to prove that his client/customer within the specific time frame completed the transaction and received an invoice yet the purchaser did not disclose this or did not pay a referral fee or complete the online transaction the money will be automatically debited from that person’s account. The arbitration committee will then decide whether or not that buyer should lose their rights to trade and be a part of Leadwallet program. For greater clarification please visit the websites frequently asked questions.

Customer Reviews/Ratings:

Leadwallet System gives Buyers and Sellers an opportunity to rate each other after every transaction. Customer ratings should be professional, fair and based on their genuine experience with the (Buyer or Seller) in the specific transaction. Leadwallet does reserve the right to remove a customer rating for any reason Leadwallet company feels necessary.

Legal Proceedings:

No action or legal proceeding will be commenced or prosecuted by the Buyer or the Seller against Leadwallet for any matter, cause or thing directly or indirectly related to Leadwallet System or services, including but not limited to arbitration services. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Buyer and the Seller release and waive all rights, remedies, claims, and causes of action against Leadwallet from any claim or remedy whatsoever, whether known or unknown, for or by reason of using Leadwallet System.

Permitted Use:

You agree that you will use Leadwallet System only for your internal business purposes and will not commercially exploit or make the Leadwallet System available to any third party, other than to your authorized users or as otherwise expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions; (ii) send spam or otherwise duplicative or unsolicited messages in violation of applicable laws; (iii) send or store infringing, obscene, threatening or otherwise unlawful or tortious material, including material that violates third party privacy rights; (iv) send or store malicious code or viruses; (v) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of Leadwallet System or the data contained therein; or (vi) attempt to gain unauthorized access to Leadwallet System or its related systems or networks. You further agree that you will not (i) modify, copy or create derivative works based on the Leadwallet System ; (ii) frame or mirror any content forming part of the Leadwallet System; (iii) reverse engineer or decompile the Leadwallet System ; (iv) access Leadwallet System in order to (A) build a competitive product or service, or (B) copy any ideas, features, functions or graphics of Leadwallet System ; or (v) permit or authorize any third party to do any of the foregoing. 


You represent and warrant to Leadwallet that: (a) you and your authorized representatives are in compliance with and shall comply with all laws and regulations that apply to your business; and (b) you and your authorized representatives have secured and will maintain all permits, licenses and governmental approvals required to operate your business including, without limitation, as required to access and participate in the Leadwallet System. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your access rights and/or the access rights of any of your authorized users at any time. Breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the permanent or temporary suspension of your right to access Leadwallet System.