Frequently Asked Questions

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The short answer is Yes. Anyone can request a Kickback from any business as long as the company is a user on our platform. You can quickly search users from the search page.

There are many ways to get involved with kickback, please click here to find out different ways you can get involved and make money!

Yes. Anyone over 18 years old can be a part of the kickback program.

The favorite section is an easy way to access all the business and contacts that you send and receive kickbacks with on a regular basis. If you have a good experience with someone you can add them to favorites for quick and easy access.

When you change your display picture you need to make sure you press the update button to save your changes

Kickback currently has 3 marketplaces available for the automotive, realestate and construction. We are working on many more marketplaces and plan to have them open soon.

Yes. As a premium member of Kickback every kickback that is sent or received will generate an automatic tax receipt for yourself or your business. Click here to find our more how this works.

On the condition that you are not satisfied with the kickback amount or would like to negotiate the amount requested, click the “negotiate Kickback” button and you will have the ability message the sender. Once a negotiation has been made you can change the amount requested. If a negotiation can not be reached the Kickback can simply be canceled.

You only have to pay a Kickback if you have accepted the Kickback and serviced the referal.

If you are having issues login into your account please contact customer support.

Yes, Every member of the Kickback platform is governed by a 5 star rating system.

Entering into a Kickback is a legally binding contract. If a kickback is accepted and the job is completed the kickback must be completed in accordance with the companies terms and conditions. On the condition a kickback is not honoured the agent/individual will have the opportunity to rate the experience dealing with the specific business/shop. The agent/individual will also have the opportunity to fill out an arbitration claim on the condition he/she feels that the job was completed and the kickback was not honoured.

To become a Kickback agent you will need to provide identification and your customer profile, this process will allow you access to whatever marketplace your line of work is associated with.

In order to properly track your kickbacks and make sure the receiver of the kickback knows it from you, you will need to send over your referrals name and phone number. The receiver will not have access to your referrals name or number unless he/she officially accepts the kickback.

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Yes. Kickback has a variety of advertising packages, and currently only business accounts can create deals.

If the cash out is not available it could be because your kickback is in pending and has not been deposited into your bank. If your kickback shows deposited and your are having trouble cashing out, please contact our support line.

Kickback does not currently accept cryptocurrency.

Every user can only have one Kickback account. Every Kickback account would be associated with your specific industry.

Currently the Kickback app is not in the app store however you can still download the application on your phone as a PWA. Please click here for instructions

Kickback charges a 10% service fee to the individual receiving the kickback.

No you are never obligated to accept a kickback.

Just click the “Decline Kickback” button before accepting it.

every industry has a specific marketplace. You will only be able to access the specific marketplace that your account profile is associated with.

An agent account is an account made for salespeople in specific sales fields. As a car salesman your account will be associated with the automotive marketplace, as a realestate agent your account will be associated with the real-estate marketplace etc. For more details and information click here to learn about the kickback marketplaces.

A service shop / business account is a registered service provider that will be a member of the kickback Marketplace. As a Service/business account the business will have the ability to advertise products and services as well as offer incentive to sales people to sell specific services and products.

Inviting service shops to Kickback is easy! go to your messages and click “add chat” enter your requested service shops email and send invite. Once your service shop has accepted the invitation it will take 3 business days to get verified as a registered service shop.

An individual account is a kickback account that can be used by anyone similar to any standard messaging application. The difference with kickback messenger is that the user will have the unique ability to send and receive kickbacks to anyone on their contact list. Click here to learn more about having an individual kickback account.

Inviting friends on Kickback is easy! go to your messages and click “add chat” enter the contacts email and send invite. Once your new kickback contact has accepted the invitation you can freely chat and send kickbacks with ease.

To send a Kickback simply click the Kickback button and fill out the required fields to submit your referrals information. Once the recipient accepts the kickback amount the referrals information will be displayed.

On the home screen please click “get help logging in” this will take you to our recover password section.

Go to the drop down menu in the top left and click on the password button. From here you can change your password

A processing kickback means it has not cleared your bank account or visa yet. A kickback could take up to 4 business days to be available in your account.

Its easy! just press the cash-out button on the kickback account tab. The funds will automatically be deposited into your account.

To enter your bank information click on the menu button in the top left corner – go to wallet – click on ETF- Enter your password – Now enter your bank information. Click here for further instructional videos.

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